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PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services allow you to have work teams in Latin America before creating a subsidiary.
We make it possible.

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Establishing a local presence before having your subsidiary can be a positive solution and cautious first step. Discover how we facilitate this crucial step for your expansion in Argentina and Chili

Our services

We offer a comprehensive service. In addition, we adapt our schedules and services to the regional needs of our clients. With our know-how and experience in the labor and financial field, as well as with the support of specialists in the legal field, we cover the following areas related to this service:

Human Resources

Within the PEO service, we take care of all aspects related to Human Resources management, including:

  • Payroll payment and calculation
  • Control of contributions and employer contributions
  • Management of social security procedures
  • Advice on taxes and declarations
  • Control and reporting of medical leaves, absences, special leaves (e.g. maternity leave).
  • Vacation control and reporting
  • Control of the working day of each worker
  • Hiring of services for workers (e.g.: hiring of cars, telephone, or internet services)
  • Contracting health insurance


We can carry out the following regulatory compliance processes:

  • Contract drafting.
  • Coordination of notarial procedures.
  • Coordination of contract signing.
  • Preparation of addendums and annexes.
  • Guarantee that all employees work following current regulations in Argentina and in Chile.
  • Management of immigration processes and requirements.

Administrative services

We can carry out all the administration related services included below:

  • Guarantee direct support to employees.
  • Process expense reports
  • Manage all the documentation necessary to carry out an effective service.
  • Negotiate contractual conditions with service providers.
  • Coordinate payments to suppliers.
  • Coordinate the receipt of invoices from suppliers. Present documents to public organizations and other institutions.


These companies have already taken the leap without changing their daily management, expanding their clients, consolidating their presence, and growing without increasing effort. If you want to strengthen your presence in Argentina and in Chile, learn more about immigration processes and know if you can start hiring remote workers to reach new international markets, do not hesitate to contact us. Team in Latam has the right solution that you always need.

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