Subsidiary management

We comprehensively manage your subsidiary so that you can focus on your Core Business.

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Ease and efficiency to have a foreign subsidiary

To operate in a country without obstacles and focus on your core business when establishing your foreign subsidiary, discover how we facilitate the process efficiently and without obstacles.


We offer comprehensive services. According to the customer's wish, he can purchase only a part of them.
In addition, we adapt our schedules and services to the regional needs of our clients. Thanks to our know-how and experience in the financial field, as well as our close contact with specialists in the legal field, we can provide various services in the following areas:

Creation of the subsidiary

We oversee managing all the subsidiary creation processes, such as:

  • Creation of statutes in accordance with current regulations.
  • Opening of bank accounts.
  • Presentation of documents before a notary.
  • We register:
    • The provisional and definitive Tax Identification Number.
    • Your company in the Commercial Registry.

Corporate Governance

  • Cuando hablamos de Corporate Governance no sólo estamos capacitados para emitir actos, gestionar la relación entre nuestros socios y accionistas y realizar operaciones corporativas; sino también podemos asumir la responsabilidad de operar en el rol de administrador o gestor de la filial.
  • En términos financieros, podemos asumir la responsabilidad de tener una firma bancaria para la filial.
  • Por último, a nivel fiscal, podemos representar legalmente a la filial ante las autoridades fiscales

Corporate Governance

  • Talking about corporate governance, we can issue acts, handle the shareholders relationship for our partners, and carry out corporate operations. We can also assume the responsibility of operating in the role of administrator or manager of the subsidiary.
  • In financial terms, we can take the responsibility of having a banking signature for the subsidiary.
  • Finally, at the tax level, we can legally represent the subsidiary before the tax authorities.

Financial aspects

We can carry out various financial aspects. Between the most frequent we can mention:

  • Budgets.
  • Preparation of accounts.
  • Issuance of invoices.
  • Payment to suppliers.
  • Tax declarations such as VAT, Tax partnerships and withholding interest.
  • Financing: We search for the necessary financing for the subsidiary, that is, we can help you find the partner adequate local financial system, thanks to our experience in the I work with Banks or Fintechs.
  • Accounting reports for integration into company accounts parent company.

Legal aspects

In legal terms, we can carry out compliance such as:

  • Ensure compliance with regulations such as:
    • General Data Protection Regulation in Spain.
    • The Occupational Risk Prevention Law.
    • The teleworking regulations, if necessary, etc.
  • Manage notarial procedures and prepare legal documentation and contracts. This includes drafting and filing minutes of the company, as well as assistance in compliance with the fiscal and calendar requirements.
  • We maintain close contact with lawyers, notaries and organizations such as the Commercial Registry.

Human Resources

We guarantee compliance with all related aspects with human resources management, including:

  • Social security procedures.
  • Payrolls.
  • Response to needs related to health insurance and pensions.
  • Management of procedures related to time control of the working hours, vacations, absences and leaves of workers.
  • Annual and semi-annual coordination of calls with workers and following the instructions of the Resources representatives Humans from the client company.
  • Coordination of migration processes.
  • Assistance in recruitment processes.

Administrative services

We provide the subsidiary with various administrative tasks and everything that
needs to be operational, such as those mentioned below:

  • We manage the tax and legal addresses essential for the subsidiary operation.
  • We give all the administrative support to our clients to enable them to focus on their Core-Business.
  • We manage the contracting of telephone and internet services, vehicle rental, food tickets, coordination of courier and logistics services.
  • We manage the contracting of telephone and internet services, vehicle rental, food tickets, coordination of courier and logistics services.
  • And most importantly, when it is necessary to present documentation to some public and institutional organizations, we actively participate in its drafting.


Since 2003, Biznelp has managed subsidiaries of companies in different sectors. Companies likely to open or have a subsidiary are medium, large and scale-up companies. Thanks to our track record and experience in creating and managing subsidiaries, we have large clients from different parts of the world who trust in delegating the management of their subsidiaries to us.

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